Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hi followers!
It's almost St. Patricks day and in order to complete a proper manicure I had to order a green nail polish. Now I am kindof a green polish snob. I only like dark green or mint green. I don't find olive green appealing at all. So I asked my friends what a good Nubar polish was since I didn't have any and they replied with a resounding Reclaim. So I logged onto Harlowe & Co and ordered three lovely nubars.

I swatched them all on the nail wheel and I had to admit that I liked the green. These Nubar polishes need zero clean up. They went on as well as my A-England polishes. If you don't own any ... you need to cause they are that good. I managed to not put any glitter on top of the beautiful holo*i*ness of Reclaim although I really wanted to. I resisted at the urge of some fellow bloggers. Today in honor of St. Patty's day I actually managed to paint on a rainbow and a pot of gold. There are quite a few before pictures so get ready...

You can purchase Nubar on their own website or through Harlowe & Co here. They ship internationally and provide awesome customer service. I received my package so fast from
Canada to California. I couldn't believe it.

Do you like my mani?

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  1. I like I like! Reclaim is one I've been eyeing! So pretty…and the rainbow is adorable!