Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nail Mail 3/31/12 Part Two

The second package I received yesterday was my Dollish Polish Diva Collection. I love my Dollish Polish!! Get ready for a group photo ladies please.
The first bottle of glitteryness is called Little Monster. There are loads of multi colored bar glitters in a shimmery light pink base. Super Base is a blue based glittery shimmer and my favorite purple hexes. Yeah! California Gurl is a bright pink glittery goodness with bright turquoise hex glitters. And the boldest glitter is saved for last. There are silver and black hexes within the silver shimmery base of this polish.
I am so happy I purchased the entire collection when Dollish opened her etsy shop. Keep stalking her site on etsy and you too can own some of her wonderful creations. I will be doing more detailed reviews in the future.
Here is the DollishPolish etsy store. She also has a facebook page so check her out here

Nail Mail 3/31/12

I received two big nail mail packages today. I placed an order with Elixir Laquers for 7 polishes. They are a mixture of shimmers and glitters. They even threw in an extra polisn for free. A perfect for summer/spring peach color. There wasn't a name attached to it. But here is a group photo. Every body say glitter..

So the polishes we have are called  Tease, Tempt,Siren, Mystery polish, Foxy, A cool fool, Supa Sugar Bee and With A K. These babies shipped really fast and are even better in person than on the website.

The shimmers are so pretty and the colors available are great. Loads of glitter are in the last three bottle shots. The last one has bigger glitters than the rest. Supa Sugar Bee is the one I want to try first so stay tuned for a more in depth review of that one soon. What do you want to see first??

To order your own bottles of Elixir Lacquer click here

Thursday, March 29, 2012


So tonight I have a new brand to show you. Well the brand is new to me anyways :)  I received some Nostaligic Laquers a while ago and had yet to get them on my nails. I was in the mood for a little purple the other night so Blane was the polish for me. Blane comes from the movie Pretty in Pink. Blane has two sister polishes Duckie and Andie. Duckie is a green color and Andie is pink.  I believe these polishes to be too opaque on their own. This is just my own personal taste. So to the stash I went and grabbed my favorite purple Nubar Treasure. I have used this color three or four times already I just love it so much. This polish only needs two coats to completely cover the nail. Are you ready to see some purple... Get ready..

To purchase Nostalgic lacquer you can purchase it from the wesite here
Nubar can be purchased at Harlowe and Co here

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lynnderella Haul

Today I have a wonderful shipment from Llarowe. I received 8 Lynnderella polishes and then an order of four Hits polishes. I was lucky enough to be in the W rotation and received all but three of the polishes that were on my wish list. I received Very Pretty Vampire, Mercury's Rainbow, Mysterious Ways, Connect the Dots, Shape Shifter, Attitude Adjust-Mint ( I know a green ) Bride of Franken and Cauldron Drippings. I almost didn't order the Caudron Drippings but I took a gamble and I love this one.

  Now the hits I received are called called Can Can (Flakie),  Britpop- G.Forte, Glam Rock-G.Forte, and Hermes. I think this is quite the little glitter bomb haul. Now I just have to decide what to put on. Does anyone have a preference?? Decisions, decisions and decisions.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I'll Have What She is Having

For my second Dollish Polish listing I chose I'll Have What She is Having. I first opened up my new Essie purchase Nice is Nice. I only applied one coat but after looking at my pics it looks like I should have used two. Darn hindsight and camera showing every flaw!  This is a lovely cool lilac shade of creme polish. I picked it up at Apothica for $4.00. What a deal. Thanks to Ashley from Ashley is PolishAddicted for introducing me to that wonderful site. To view her blog click here. She always has interesting and informative posts. Then I put on my Dollish Polish I'll Have What She is Having. Dolly says  This polish is jam-packed with rosie pink glitter and accented with lighter and darker pink shades to mini that "after-glow" look. The name of this polish if from When Harry Met Sally. That famous restaurant scene.

There are not large flecks and I thought I needed a little more umph on my nails. Off to my stash I went and pulled out a Sinful Colors I had yet to wear named Frenzy. And WOW this made the mani really pop. It has purple and blue flecks in favorite color combination.
I only needed one coat to add to the wow factor of my color combinations. Are you ready for the pictures now??

To purchase your own bottle of I'll have what she is having you can wait for Dollish Polish here. Click on the link and she will email you when her Etsy shop is open again.
Thanks for reading ladies.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Puttin on the Ritzzzzzz

Good afternoon ladies,

I received my Dollish Polish a little while ago and I have yet to post about them. Shame on me!! For today's mani I used one of my new Zoya from the buy 3 get 3 sale they recently had. Did you miss out on it? You need follow Zoya on facebook to get notified of flash sales and great deals. So the Zoya I chose is a coral color named Elodie and needs about two coats for full opacity. I love this summer color. Plus have you seen Zoya's new summer colors. They are amazing! I want them all but I will resist buying them for now. Then I applied Puttin on the Ritzzz over the top. These are black and white hex's with smaller black flecks in a clear base coat. I love putting these black and white polishes over a nice bright base coat. Are you ready for the pictures yet? I know I am :)

I hope you like the color combination. To follow Zoya on Facebook click here. To stalk DollishPolish etsy store click here. She is filling orders at this moment but there is a link for notification when she opens. Just click on it and you too can be Puttin on the Ritzzzz.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Luxe and Lush

For today's mani I am using a new polish from the China Glaze Hunger Games Capitol Collection and one of my new Nubar polishes. The Nubar polishes go on so nicely although for this one I did have to put on three coats for the opacity I desired. I then applied one coat of Luxe and Lush. It really needs a coat of Seche Vite over it as the finish is a little rough on Luxe and Lush. I wasn't quite expecting that.
I think this color combination turned out quite nicely.

What do you think of this color combo. You can purchase Nubar at Harlowe & Co and China Glaze can be purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply and a multitude of drugstores.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Models Own

Sunday was a happy day for several reasons. It finally stopped raining in California but the wind whipped up. Can't have everything. I finally got my lazy self off the couch and to the mailbox and to my pleasant suprise I finally recived my polish from the wonderful Rachel at Polished Criminails. We did a swap for some Barry M polishes and I purchased some Models Own that she so kindly shipped to me.
They are all so spring ish. I have some great plans for easter nails with those lovely ice cream Barry M's. I will be attempting more nail art or some stamping since I just received quite a few new plates from Amazon. The Juicy Jules Models Own was sitting there sparkling on my nails so I chose him and the Purple Mysique Models Own for my first MO mani. I hated to take off Knackered but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
The polishes went on great! I loved em so much I went ahead and ordered the entire Beetlejuice collection from the Models Own site. They were on sale and I can't resist a sale.  So lets get to the mani..

Do you see the wonderful sparkle from the bottle. I tried to get the sun reflecting just right. I love these colors!

To see my friend Rachels blog go
To purchase Models Own you can also shop with Harlow and Co here They have excellent customer service and shipping is a bit cheaper to the US from Canada.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hi followers!
It's almost St. Patricks day and in order to complete a proper manicure I had to order a green nail polish. Now I am kindof a green polish snob. I only like dark green or mint green. I don't find olive green appealing at all. So I asked my friends what a good Nubar polish was since I didn't have any and they replied with a resounding Reclaim. So I logged onto Harlowe & Co and ordered three lovely nubars.

I swatched them all on the nail wheel and I had to admit that I liked the green. These Nubar polishes need zero clean up. They went on as well as my A-England polishes. If you don't own any ... you need to cause they are that good. I managed to not put any glitter on top of the beautiful holo*i*ness of Reclaim although I really wanted to. I resisted at the urge of some fellow bloggers. Today in honor of St. Patty's day I actually managed to paint on a rainbow and a pot of gold. There are quite a few before pictures so get ready...

You can purchase Nubar on their own website or through Harlowe & Co here. They ship internationally and provide awesome customer service. I received my package so fast from
Canada to California. I couldn't believe it.

Do you like my mani?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Blog Sale

To see items I have for sale go to the Blog Sale page    Here

Feel free to look at the stash page and email me for anything you might like. Any reasonable offer will be accepted except for Nerd Lacquer, A-England, and Lacquistry polishes. They are not for sale unless there is a star located next to the item.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Holy Grail

Alright leaders it is day two of a green polish. I normally don't like green but this one is so wonderful I just had to buy it. It is another wonderful creation from NerdLacquer. It is part of her special edition duo release of Holy Grail and Carbon Allotrope, which I reviewed earlier. I swatched Holy Grail over a light colored Zoya Kennedy that I received from The Trace Face Philes giveaway I won. Yeah me! First time I have ever won a giveaway. Holy Grail does not need a base coat, I just personally love to use a base color. Holy Grail is suppose to glow in the dark but I could not capture it. Are you ready to see it yet?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Festival and Smoke and Ash

Today I have my second purchase of the China Glaze Color from the Capital series.
It was pretty dark in one coat with glitter running throughout. The polish applies well. Not as great as a Zoya but still pretty good. I didn't need to do a lot of clean up. I thought to do a little something different I grabbed my bottle of Festival. It truly lives up to its name. It is a festival of lights on the nail. Now get ready to drool on this one. Festival applies very nicely also.

You can purchase Festival at Llarowe's and China Glaze right now is on sale at Sally's Beauty. Online it is $3.50 a bottle but in stores it's $4.99.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It's time for my first OPI swatches. When I first started with nailpolish OPI was the only brand I had.
After years of not applying anything on my nails (shame on me) I finally have gotten back to my nail roots. I just received a few polishes from the muppets collection and Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection. I still need the rest of her collection and I will eventually have them. So I was feeling like purple so I selected Pepe's Purple Passion and then layered on Teenage Dream. This combo is pretty together. They applied really well and I amazingly enough didn't have a lot of clean up to do. I wish I couldn've captured this in the sun but I didn't get to. Here are three pics for you to gaze at.
What do you think of the combo?

So happy to have these lovelies in my life

Monday, March 5, 2012

Carbon Allotrope

It's been a few days since I posted and a couple of people have already posted pictures of Holy Grail sooo I decided to spice things up and post some pics of the NerdLacquer sister polish Carbon Allotrope.
This polish is a little light but I love it anyways and I wore it without a base polish. It applies as most of the NerdLacquers do.. wonderfully. This does have some holo to it and glitter and glows in the dark. Unfortunately I couldn't capture it while I had this polish on. When I go for the second application hopefully I can update this with some holo showing through. Are you ready?? First up is a bottle shot.

From the Etsy shop Amanda describes the polish as follows:
CARBON ALLOTROPE is a clear base with medium silver hex glitter, small silver glitter, and silver and white microglitter. No dyes, no micas, no tints. The silver-sand color comes from two sizes of powedered diamond. Carbon Allotrope is part of a special edition duo in totally unique shades. The sister polish is named Holy Grail. Both polishes can be purchased on Etsy for $16.00 here .