Saturday, December 10, 2016

Alter Ego Confetti Creator

Hi readers!                                                                                 **Press Sample**
I have a fun glitter topper for you today! It's called Confetti Creator from Alter Ego Nail Enamel. There's multiple colors AND shapes. I originally swatched it over Vegas Show Girl but you couldn't quite see the variety of colors so I then put it over a basic black creme and wow can you see the colors pop!

Isn't she gorgeous! I used a make up sponge to apply the glitter and used one coat of top coat.
Here's the first collage I made with Vegas Show Girl. Unfortunately my phone dies with these pics so I can't list them individually. But they are worth showing you all!

 I have quite a few Alter Ego's in my collection. Cynthia's new base is fantastic. I have a couple from her ice cream collection on my wish list. Here is the website Alter Ego Body Care Products carries: nail enamel (8.5ml for $4.0 and full size for $9.)Shea Butter lotion sticks, solid lotion, PUPPegos ( I hear fabulous things on her dog shampoo for $1.50!) and egoMANia products. There is so much to look at so please check it all out for some Christmas stocking stuffers.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Indie Spotlight Paint Box Polish

Our Indie Spotlight polish maker of the month is.....Paint Box Polish.. Make sure you check out all the other ladies blogs at the end of this post!

I am a little late with my post but my phone decided to have a fight with water and the water won so my pictures I had stored are now lost... But alas we are here to celebrate the AWESOME indie polish from Piant Box Polish! Pam was running a great Black Friday sale and a 29 birthday sale. My new polishes just arrived today and I can't wait to try them out. The USPS decided to take my polishes on a tour before getting to me this time.. But I can usually order on a Saturday and have my polishes in a few days. And Paint Box has mani fizzies and cuticle oils in a variety of scents. My favorite cuticle oil is Hot Apple Cider! I haven't tried the fizzies yet but I have heard fabulous things about them too.

I have a couple polishes from a Harry Potter Collection called the Knight Bus. They are still available on Paint Box Polishes site here .  First up What 'Choo Fell Over For. This is a dark grey creme base that is filled with blue, white and purple flecks. It builds up really well at 2 or 3 coats.  It dries out really smooth were her top coat too. Make sure to pick one up!

Next up is Won't the Muggles See Us?  Shhhhhh This one is my favorite. I've worn it quite a few times.This polish is pale blue and has sprinklings of grey and violet flakies and also white and blue flecks peeking through. I have nothing else like this one. Muggles is also opaque in 2 or 3 coats.   

Paint Box Polishes are five free and cruelty free! Mini's start at $6 and Full size polishes are available starting at $10. Please visit Paint Box Polish and check out here awesome mani, pedi, cuticle care, and polishes. Her last collection based on Doctor Who was GREAT. I had to buy them all.

See you next month for a new indie to spotlight!  Thank you for stopping by.