Monday, September 17, 2012

Glitter Day 17 30 Day Challenge

Sooo today I am using my custom Lacquistry nailpolish named Beach Sunset. Now I have already used this glitter polish but I haven't used Zoya Neeka. So I took this opportunity to get this baby on my nails. It went on in typical Zoya fashion and I had no issues with two coats of polish. I then put on one coat of Beach Sunset, a layer of gelous, and one coat of Seche Vite and here is the end result. I hope you enjoyed Glitter day I know I did!! Keep watching lacquistry's facebook page 'cause she is coming back to Etsy with her Haloween collection! I know I am excited about that one.

Tribal Print Day 16 30 Day Challenge

I wrote up this mani last night and forgot to post it. Ack!! So sorry to be short and sweet. Here's what I came up with though. I used Hits Hermes as the base coat and then painted the Hits Forte Brit Pop down the center.Then I just hand painted the black and pink lines with some generic nail art polish I had in my stash. In the end I wasn't completely happy so I added some glam rock to the corners of some of the nails. That is just what this mani needed This is my first attempt at free hand so over all not too bad in my humble opinion. I'll get today's post up in a second..

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Declicate Print Day 15 30 Day Challenge

Today's challenge is declicate print. Well I hadn't used Love, Lace & Lilacs from Lynnderella so I pulled that out of my stash. At the last walgreens sale I picked up Cinderella. I layered LL&L over 3 coats of Cinderella. Boy it takes a lot of coats to make this polish the color I wanted. I hope you enjoy this post and take a peek at my fellow bloggers pics at the bottom of the post


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flowers Day 14 of 30 Day Challenge

Well ladies,
Today I used OPI DS Coronation as my base polish. Boy this baby does not want to cover up the nail line. Even after three coats. Since I didn't want to stay up all night doing this manicure I just stopped there. I then went and grabbed my Glitter Gal black 3D and used it for the flowers. I actually stamped all ten fingers. (I'm not showing my non-dominant hand) Everyone at work really enjoyed my nail art today. One of my co-workers may go buy a little stamping kit herself.. Enabler right here yes I am.On with the show. Here's the end result..


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Animal Print Day 13 30 Day Challege

I have such a fun manicure for you today. I started off with my Princess Polish Strawberry Jam and I put on two coats. I probably could've used one more coat but I just went with two.. For the stamping polish I used Cult Nails Nevernore. This is the most awesome black polish EVER. Then I stepped over to my new bundle monster plate and picked out this cool pattern. It was a fire hydrant and bones.. then I pulled out my cheapy plates I bought at Sallys and found paw prints and a dog face that I previously used on my Owen mani.. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of animal print.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stripes Mani Day 12 30 Day Mani

Hi Readers, Remember the other day for rainbow mani I used all my new Zoya's... Well that is still the base coat for my stripes mani... I just used some striping tape and Cult Nails Nevermore and shazaaaam a stripes mani was born. I hope you like it. This is my first time using the tape and it turned out okay... The last two pic's show step one and two of the mani. Enjoy the rest of the ladies post at the end!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dots Day 11 30 Day Challenge

I was going to cheat and use an old dotticure for today's post... but I received a shipment from my friend in the UK. I received Dior Lagoon and a mini Nails inc pastel set.. I put my lasagna that I slaved over for at least an hour into the oven and then I said what the heck I wanna put on Dior.
So here is Dior Lagoon with dots from my mini pastel set. I hope you enjoy! I might even throw in my dinner pic :) Well it'll actually be my lunch since it is almost 9:00pm..

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gradient Mani Day 10 30 day challenge.

Hi readers,
Today's challenge was to do a gradient manicure. I decided to use yesterday's mani and then sponge on an accent color. I had originally planned to use a couple of Ulta polishes I received from Jacki at Adventures in Acetone but I think this one turned out much better. I'll post some pictures of that in here too because I was only able to get a couple of pics before I ran off to the movies.  I hope you enjoyed todays challenge mani!  Make sure you enjoy the ladies posts! We have some talented artists participating in the challenge. Until tomorrow have a great day!

Rainbow Mani Day 9 30 Day Challenge

Happy Saturday Readers, I originally was going to show you a new Rainbow Honey I received... But I changed my mind and I swatched my Zoya order that arrived!! Yeah! So I normally call this a skittles mani but today I am naming it ranbow :) I hope you enjoy them.. my tape mani will also include these colors as long as it turns out :) See you again tomorrow. All of the polish were typical Zoya flawlessness except for Arizona. It didn't want to cooperate with me that much. Charisma, Yummy, Tart, & Ibiza all appied in two coats. Charisma seemed to dry a bit matte but nothing a little top coat couldn't handle

Friday, September 7, 2012

Metallics Day 8 30 Day Challenge

Well today I am going to show you two Metallic Nails Inc. polishes I received Park Crescent and Old Park Lane. I think they were great. Had I not been completely warn out tonight I could've gotten some nail art and combined these two polshes. Instead it's just going to be these two beauties by themselves. But I may need to combine them in another mani at a later date.. I believe there is just one coat each on each picture. I love Nails Inc polishes they apply so wonderfully. Do you have any??? If not you should try and pick some up at Sephora or any UK polish friends you have. Up first is Park Crescent.