Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Golden Triumph from Girly Bits

I have a lovely polish for you today. I was feeling a little neutral but there is nothing subtle about this polish. It pops with bling and holo goodness and says HELLO and how you doin. I used two coats of the polish and used Darling Diva top coat and it shines oh so bright. I hope you enjoy this lovely polish.

You can buy Girly Bits at several online etailers or direct from their website.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pahlish Nails

Just a few quick pics of some mani's I've done this April. Need to show you more pics. I've been painting them a lot but I started a new work schedule so not a lot of time to post. I hope you all enjoy them.

I bought Pahlish Bespoke Batch Half Buried Bow and Jadeite directly from the Big Cartel Store at the beginning of April so these two lovelies are no longer available. The next restock of the new collection named Buccaneers and Buried Gold plus two new Bespoke batches on 4/26th at 7 pm Central time here: Pahlish

Monday, February 16, 2015

6 Harts - Cluster

Today I reached into the nail polish stash to bring out one of my favorite makers - 6 Harts.
I also haven't worn a Butter London in quite a while so I pulled out a lovely light blue named Lady Muck and 6 Harts Cluster was the perfect glitter top coat! From 6 Harts etsy store:  Cluster... is a clear glitter topcoat polish-there is no pigmentation in this polish, so you can wear it alone or over any color you'd like. The glitter content of Cluster sits nicely between "glitter bomb" and "sparse glitter". This polish has a 3-Free nail polish suspension base, with matte white and teal glitters, white holo hex glitters, a smattering of purple and a boat-load of ultra-fine holographic glitter. This is tremendously sparkly and these pictures really don't show the full glam. It looks fantastic mattified, too! I used two coats of the BL and two coats of Cluster and topped it off with Gelous and Out the Door. Both polishes applied flawlessly. You can purchase 6 Harts polish here.  Cluster is available now for $8.00.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 10 JNAC - Blobbicure

Oooh I have a fun challenge today. I had never attempted a Blobbicure and I struggle with dotticures so considering these factors I think this mani turned out pretty good. I used Darling Diva Polish BEWBS and Superficially Colorful Atokirina for the blobs. This sparkles in the sun so much but I never had my camera while the sun was shining :(  Here are the photos and as usual please check out all the other wonderful mani's at the end of this post!


Alter Ego - Sugar Plums

I have the final polish in Alter Ego's Winter Wonders Collection. Cynthia's described her inspiration for this beauty as follows :  Nobody Sugars Plums like this experienced candy maker can! The process can take days to do properly and since it is only once a year, this maker doesn't mind at all :) Her tips take on the colors of her delicacy, a deeper rose base dusted with sugary sparkly holographic sweetness! Sugar Plum applies beautifully and dries to a semi matte finish and for these swatches I used two coats. I also used Alter Ego's top coat and it gives Sugar Plum an extra shine.  You may purchase Sugar Plum plus all other Alter Ego polishes here for $8.50.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alter Ego - Winter Sunset Watcher

** Press Sample**
I have the third nail polish in the Winter Wonders Collection for you today. The wonderful Cynthia's inspiration for this polish comes from "Winter nights in the midwest can be brutally cold, this gal gets chilled so easily she can't be dressed warm enough to go admire the sunrise. The days can warm up enough for her to bundle up so she can be a Winter Sunset Watcher! The stunning shimmer of golden peach with just a hing of violet cannot be missed."  I used two coats and Alter Ego's top coat for a nice shiny finish. Her polish can be purchased here for only $8.50. Run fast to pick up this beauty. I just love this color with the violet in it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Alter Ego -Frost Fairy

**Press Sample**
I have another Alter Ego Nail Enamel for you today from the Winter Wonderland Collection. This one is actually my favorite as I just love blue polish! I applied two coats for the first two pics and then added a third coat to get the opacity just a tad darker. I then applied Alter Ego's top coat to give it that perfect shine and to bring out the lovely sparkle in this beauty. It applies like a dream and dries semi-matte without top coat. I just prefer a shiny nail :) . Cynthia's inspiration for this polish is described "When the nights are so cold even the imps and pixsies stay inside the Frost Fairy comes out to play! She dances on windows, slides down iron hand rails and tosses her magical dust on fir trees :) No one can miss her delicate shimmery blue! Frost Fairy is available now in her Big Cartel store for only $8.50. Pick it up here.