Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nail Mail 3/31/12 Part Two

The second package I received yesterday was my Dollish Polish Diva Collection. I love my Dollish Polish!! Get ready for a group photo ladies please.
The first bottle of glitteryness is called Little Monster. There are loads of multi colored bar glitters in a shimmery light pink base. Super Base is a blue based glittery shimmer and my favorite purple hexes. Yeah! California Gurl is a bright pink glittery goodness with bright turquoise hex glitters. And the boldest glitter is saved for last. There are silver and black hexes within the silver shimmery base of this polish.
I am so happy I purchased the entire collection when Dollish opened her etsy shop. Keep stalking her site on etsy and you too can own some of her wonderful creations. I will be doing more detailed reviews in the future.
Here is the DollishPolish etsy store. She also has a facebook page so check her out here

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