Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 10 JNAC - Blobbicure

Oooh I have a fun challenge today. I had never attempted a Blobbicure and I struggle with dotticures so considering these factors I think this mani turned out pretty good. I used Darling Diva Polish BEWBS and Superficially Colorful Atokirina for the blobs. This sparkles in the sun so much but I never had my camera while the sun was shining :(  Here are the photos and as usual please check out all the other wonderful mani's at the end of this post!


Alter Ego - Sugar Plums

I have the final polish in Alter Ego's Winter Wonders Collection. Cynthia's described her inspiration for this beauty as follows :  Nobody Sugars Plums like this experienced candy maker can! The process can take days to do properly and since it is only once a year, this maker doesn't mind at all :) Her tips take on the colors of her delicacy, a deeper rose base dusted with sugary sparkly holographic sweetness! Sugar Plum applies beautifully and dries to a semi matte finish and for these swatches I used two coats. I also used Alter Ego's top coat and it gives Sugar Plum an extra shine.  You may purchase Sugar Plum plus all other Alter Ego polishes here for $8.50.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alter Ego - Winter Sunset Watcher

** Press Sample**
I have the third nail polish in the Winter Wonders Collection for you today. The wonderful Cynthia's inspiration for this polish comes from "Winter nights in the midwest can be brutally cold, this gal gets chilled so easily she can't be dressed warm enough to go admire the sunrise. The days can warm up enough for her to bundle up so she can be a Winter Sunset Watcher! The stunning shimmer of golden peach with just a hing of violet cannot be missed."  I used two coats and Alter Ego's top coat for a nice shiny finish. Her polish can be purchased here for only $8.50. Run fast to pick up this beauty. I just love this color with the violet in it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Alter Ego -Frost Fairy

**Press Sample**
I have another Alter Ego Nail Enamel for you today from the Winter Wonderland Collection. This one is actually my favorite as I just love blue polish! I applied two coats for the first two pics and then added a third coat to get the opacity just a tad darker. I then applied Alter Ego's top coat to give it that perfect shine and to bring out the lovely sparkle in this beauty. It applies like a dream and dries semi-matte without top coat. I just prefer a shiny nail :) . Cynthia's inspiration for this polish is described "When the nights are so cold even the imps and pixsies stay inside the Frost Fairy comes out to play! She dances on windows, slides down iron hand rails and tosses her magical dust on fir trees :) No one can miss her delicate shimmery blue! Frost Fairy is available now in her Big Cartel store for only $8.50. Pick it up here.

Day 8 JNAC - Artwork

Good day readers,
Today is day 8 of the 13 days of January Nail Art Challenge and our prompt is artwork. I recently re-painted my bedroom in a lovely purple shade and found this awesome splatter type painting at Home Goods so it is my inspiration for today. I started off with two coats of Elevation Polish Shilin Stone Forest on all my nails. I next grabbed The Kek, Yeti was a Shadow 2, Echinops, and Antelao and dabbed each one on saran wrap and covered three nails. It didn't quite turn out how I hoped but it still looks good to me. I hope you enjoy the rest of the ladies mani's at the end of this post. Have a great day!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Alter Ego Nail Enamel - Balsam Beauty

**Press Sample**

Today I have for you a deep forest green polish from the wonderful Alter Ego Nail Enamel called Balsam Beauty. It is part of her brand new Winter Wonders Collection and is now available at the Big Cartel shop here. Cynthia, the lovely maker of these semi-matte polishes, was inspired by the fir trees the original owner of her house planted many years ago! The deep green base tinged with the darkest blue and dusted with fine copper makes the Balsam Beauty a must have for any collection. I used two coats and followed up with Alter Ego's very own top coat. BB applied flawlessly! I also am throwing in a little nail art that I created with the use of some chevron nail vinyls. 

Alter Ego's dry to a semi-matte finish unless you use a top coat which I find to be a great option. Sometimes I feel like a matte and other times I like to bring on the shine. Her polishes are available now so head on over to her shop on Big Cartel to pick up some new lovelies for your collection. Please stop by her Facebook page also listed here to watch for any specials and just to say hi.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 7 JNAC - Green Base

Welcome to day 7 of the nail art challenge. We are half way there. Today I chose a Darling Diva lovely holo green called The Shapeshifter. Now I am not a typical green polish lover but I just can't resist Carrie's polishes no matter the color. I attempted to use the KB Shimmer nail vinyls but the top color just didn't turn out right. I was using Different Dimensions Big Bang again. I just ended up covering my middle finger and using my dotting tool with the design on my ring finger. To finish the look off I painted a stripe on my pointer.. I am just going to keep trying! Take a look at the rest of the ladies at the end of the post. See you on Monday for more pics.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 6 JNAC

It's day six of our 13 day nail art challenge. Today we have a theme of inspired by pinterest. I'm stretching my inspiration quite a bit to get to my final manicure. But it truly all started with the nail art pictured from pinterest. I acquired a few Different Dimensions a couple of months ago and they have sat in my untrieds for a little while. I was wanting to wear purple and I had two perfect bottles in mind. First up is Feelin Spotty and This is Halloween. Feelin Spotty is layered over a Pahlish Bespoke Batch Shadow Proclomation are on my ring finger. This is halloween was applied to pinkie, thumb, and pointer finger. I just used my favorite black which is WetNWild Black. It applies in one coat. I then made two dots with the Proclomation and the center dot is This is Halloween.  I hope you like it.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 4 JNAC

Today's theme is monochromatic nails.. I really enjoyed this theme. I wish I was much better at nail art but as I take on more of these challenges I think you shall see improvement. I pulled out some awesome creme's by Pretty Serious for today's challenge. They are Comfy Y - Fronts, Under Dunders, & Granny Panties. I hope you enjoyed this post. I really like this mani a lot.  Tune back in next week on Mon Wed and Fri for more! Make sure you check out the other talented ladies at the end of the post!