Monday, October 27, 2014

Joby Nail Art Stickers

Hi Readers!
I have a fun review for you guys today. I really enjoyed this set of Joby nail art stickers from Overall Beauty. I have really small nails so the set I received were just perfect for me. There is a wide variety available on their site here.  Kim is a total sweetheart and has really quick shipping on all her items. Mineral make-up, polish, and lots of other goodies. I use her eyeshadows quite frequently and hope to incorporate them in future posts. Here are the details on the polish.. Two coats for each polish used and Out the Door is used for a top coat.  Application of the stickers is very easy.. Just peel off the stickers with your fingernail and place the design on your nail, gently rub down the sticker and apply top coat to seal. Now on for the pics  enjoy:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sexy Old Girl

I did a little halloween decorating to the blog so I hope you enjoy it.. I thought I would just post a few mani pics but I have some ideas stirring around in my head to re-start my blogging. Stay tuned for that. The pics I took last weekend did not transfer over to the new phone so I have to do a little downloading before I can start. I think you guys will really like what I have in store.... But for now here's a mani I did a little while ago featuring Ellagee polish and Dr. Who. See you as soon as I can restore those pics!