Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home of the Untempered Schism

I was still in the mood for some NerdLaquers so off came Warrior Ethos and on with a gold color Home of the Untempered Schism. I layered a couple of Cult Nails polishes on two nails and then just applied HotUS on the remaining fingers just to do a test. You can't really tell that there is polish underneath. I tried Baker on my thumb and Tulum on the index finger. The Tulum make the HotUS appear just a little bit darker. I applied two coats of the Home of the Untempered Schism on all two nails and the rest without a base coat of Cult Nails had three coats. Here's a description of the polish from NerdLacquers site:
 "Home of the Untempered Schism" is a shimmery bronze loaded with small gold, red, copper, black, and iridescent glitter, plus medium black hexagonal glitter and large gold hexagonal glitter. Quite opaque in two coats, and extremely smooth with a single layer of top coat.  I really like the gold colors and the little black dots that came out of the bottle was a little suprise. Clean up is quite easy as this polish applies like a dream. Now on to the pictures:

It can be purchased at NerdLaquers etsy store Here once she is caught up on her orders.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Warrior Ethos

What I have today is another NerdLacquer named Warrior Ethos. It is a wonderful red with black specks, gold and red microglitters spread throughout the polish. There are a couple of medium gold hex glitters also. They don't want to come out and play much but they are on a couple of the nails. I wanted to try something different so I layered this over ManGlaze lesbihonest but honestly no polish is needed underneath Warrior Ethos. I just received my essie matte top coat and I think this combo turned out really well. I took quite a few pictures (for me). So here are the bad boys: First is Lesbihonest before the layering began. Yeah I remembered to take pictures of it this time.

Both polishes went on extremely well. ManGlaze can be purchased on their facebook page.
NerdLacquer is currently closed due to overwhelming orders. But check out her etsy page as she shood be opening soon.
Is it a winner?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frost Bitchin'

Today I have a couple of dark blues that go so beautifully together. This will be short and sweet. I just received Zoya Ibiza on Monday and I was so excited to receive this dark blue lovely shade. I knew just the perfect layer to put on top of my new gorgeous polish. I hadn't swatched Frost Bitchin from Lacquistry yet and this would be the perfect base! So here are a few pictures showing them off.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today I have for you my new matte Manglaze polish called Cabron. I was expecting this to be black but it is actually a dark purple. I love this polish ..it applied well and I actually didn't have a lot of clean up. As of this moment I don't have a matte top coat so in the end I ended up with a glossy finish. I really liked the matte. By next week I should have the matte top coat so when I swatch my other two polishes I received from Manglaze I can hopefully do them justice. After two days of wearing this mani I spiced it up with some nail art. I purchased a three pack from walgreens of nail art polish with a really thin applicator. I selected the silver since I thought it would really pop off the dark purple of the Cabron. Now on to the pictures of this great matte polish. You can purchase manglaze on their facebook page.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cold and Calculating

Up today is Cold and Calculating. My friend over at Things I Love at this Moment was swatching this so I was holding off. Then she asked for a polish to layer underneath. I so happened to have ordered Tru from Zoya and it is the perfect color to layer underneath the most wonderful purple Nerd Lacquer Cold and Calculating. Let's get to some pictures for your DROOLING pleasures. My friends nails are longer than mine but these pictures will just have to do until mine decide to grow longer and stop splitting.

Unfortunately Nerd Lackquer is on vacation filling orders right now. But keep an eye out for her shop to reopen soon on Etsy.com. To check out my friends blog go here:Things I love at this Moment. Send her some love too. Zoya can be purchased at Zoya.com. What do you think of this combo? Is it Cold and Calculating??

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outed by a Probot

Good morning followers!

I have a new to me Nerd Lacquer today. I originally put this on over Essie Beach Bum and took pictures and then managed to delete them. Doh! So I redid the mani with just Outed by a Probot. The formula is a little on the light side but not too sheer after three coats. The Beach Bum really helped bring out the blue in this polish. I highly recommend the combination.There was hardly any clean up needed but my camera picks up everything so you will see a little more clean up is needed on my part. and my pinkie needs a bit more coverage. Darn camera never lies...Lets just get those pictures up so you can see this lovely polish.
It is not one of my most favorites but I still like it. I also tested OBP over Ascalon and it was very pretty but it did mask the blue color in the polish.

Nerd Lacquers can be purchased on Etsy. Amanda just restocked and I ordered more. The link to her shop HERE. Send her some love won't you. Here is Amanda's description of Outed by a Probot:

"Outed by a Probot" is a shimmering opalescent silver-blue with silver, iridescent, and sky blue glitter plus medium blue hexagonal glitter, plus large silver hexagonal glitter. Semi sheer, but quite opaque in two coats. Excellent top coat over your favorite silver, blue, or grey lacquer.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb 14, 2012

I finally received my latest Zoya order when I was wanting a matte type polish. Today I placed another order for four more Zoya's. I am suppose to be on a no buy for the rest of the month but there was free shipping and a free red polish. I just couldn't pass it up... So today I received four polishes and a big o bottle of polish remover. So far Zoya has the best remover I have used. I just love it!
Soooo what's in the box you ask... Well let me show you my beauties. I love them all!...

Aren't they pretty... In order is Tru, Lolly,Bevin, and Opal. I need two more hands to swatch them all on. I guess I will just have to use the nail wheel for them for now to help me decide. What do you think of my latest Zoya haul.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 12, 2012

My latest mani involves a gorgeous ozotic and an a England polish. They took a while to get here but I was so sincerely happy when I opened my deliveries from Llarowe. I decided to use Lancelot as the base and by request Ozotic 529. The colors on the camera didn't turn out like I hoped but I didn't get any pictures in the sun yet. I love the way a Endlands apply and I can't wait to try St. George and the one other I got. So for now here are a couple of pictures I took last night. In real life it looks more purple than the photo. Without further ado....

Thursday, February 9, 2012


The Nekkid Collection has arrived!! I pre-ordered these from Cult Nails in order to receive a small discount. They are mostly in the brown color family except for little orphan Toxic Seaweed. For todays review I chose to apply the lightest color in the bunch called Mazo. This is a perfect light tan color. I chose to apply three coats; however,  two coats could suffice if you like. I prefer my polish to be a little less opaque. Once I had Mazo on I wanted to try something else. I had the bright idea to apply some gold to the tips. I went into my stash and I pulled out my latest Julep color Oscar. I absolutely love this color combination. What do you think? Is this a winner?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Polishes

I received my lacquistry polishes on Sunday. I am more impressed with them in person than on the website. If you were thinking about purchasing but haven't... take the plunge. These are great glitter polishes. After I put on the silver shred holo I was amazed at the sparkle I received from this polish. But that wasn't enough glitz for me. I started to wonder if layering Mini Marshmallows would look good also.  Well you can judge for yourself but I think it is a winning combination myself.

I am hoping to get the Living Waters polish to shine through tomorrow. Lets hope for a sunny day in California tomorrow. Today it was all clouds and rain. Which I am not too sad about 'cause we need it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ashley Feb Giveaway


Julep It Girl Beauty Box

I received my Julep Maven box today. I am normally in the American Beauty selection but I just wasn't feeling it this month. First up is Rachel. I first swatched this and was pleasantly suprised when I saw this on the wheel. I didn't think I was going to like it too much. I bet this would look great with the gold on top. But I'm saving that for another time. I had the idea to make this holo so I went to my hits stash and swatched cha cha cha, valsa, and zeus... The big winner was Zeus although I really liked cha cha cha. It was just a little more subtle than what I was looking for this time.

This totally changed the color of Rachel but I think it turned out well. If the sun comes out to play I will update with photos so you can see the holo shine through.
Thanks for reading.