Monday, April 30, 2012

Come out and Play

Happy Monday readers!
Today I have a wonderful polish from Dandy Nails called Come out and Play. You serious want to wear this polish wherever you go out and play. I've had her on for a couple of days and I still don't want to take her off but nail mail has come and I need to try some new ones out. This polish is a violet jelly and applied great! This lady really does need a top coat to smooth it out (in my opinion ). I've been using a Posche quick dry top coat and I really like it. I used two coats of Come out and Play. Lots of white dots adorn your nails with this polish. You don't need to go fishing around for even coverage. I only have a few pictures today cause some of them turned out blurry once I loaded them on the computer. Here goes the show:

To purchase this and other of Sandy's wonderful creations you can stalk her etsy store Dandy NailsTomorrow I have another lovely purple combination so check back in.
Thanks for stopping by :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ascalon and Beach Sunset

Welcome to my final posting of A-England week. I am taking the weekend off from posting. I hope you understand. I have another one of a kind posting tonight. I hope you all will be pleased. Tonight I chose Ascalon is a duochrome and holographic polish. This polish mainly shows as grey but in the right light it will show a little purple. I thought it would be a great base coat for this band new one of a kind polish. I asked Jenna at Lacquistry to create a custom for me and it is named beach sunset. Since I live in a beach community I thought I needed a polish to represent. I hope you guys enjoy it. The Beach Sunset actually shows better with a lilac as a base coat show I will show that picture at the end. Are you ready for some glitter spam? I know I am. There is one coat of each polish followed up with a coat of gelous and Posche top coat.

If I get luck enough for sun tomorrow, I will post some updated pictures.
You can order a custom Lacquistry from Jenna's etsy store when she gets caught up. She regularly updates here status on facebook here
A-England may be purchased through Llarowe here or A-Englands web site.
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Welcome to day four of A-England week. Today I have Tristam for you. This is a gorgeous blue polish that is a one coater for full opacity. It is the sister polish to yesterday's lady of the lake. To spice things up I tried layering a Jordana polish over Tristam but I could only manage to fish out one heart out of the entire bottle. So I went back to my stash to figure something else to layer on the nails. I picked up a Model's Own polish called Ibiza Mix. I received this in a trade package from Jo at Glitter, Glam, Sparkle Shine. And boy does Ibiza Mix live up to that name. Another friend of mine descibed the end result as "its sparkely like Edward. " I totally agree with her. I then layered one coat of gelous and one coat of Model's Own 3 in one. Are you ready to see...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lady of the Lake

Welcome to day 3 of A-England week. Today I have the beautiful Lady of the Lake with an accent nail of Nailventurous Laquer Pulverized. The purples didn't quite show up like I had hoped but it is still a very pretty manicure. Lady of the Lake can be applied as a one coater but I needed two to get it all the way to the corners of my nails. Pulverized is beautiful with blue, purple, and white glitter spattered (pulverized) throughout the base. This is a great layering glitter polish. If you have the chance to get it I highly recomment it. I then put a layer of Butter London Knackered over the remaining nails. I can hear some of you saying now "How can you cover up Lady of the Lake like that?" Well because I haven't seen it done. I think it ads a little extra to the polish. Especially since there isn't any sun today. So are you ready to see it yet???

Tristam's Eyes

Good morning readers,
I had meant to get this post up last night but I ran out of time. So not alot of yapping in this post. I am continuing A-England week with Tristam's Eyes. Now if you look reaaallly close you will notice that I only covered half of the nail with Tristam's Eyes. The other half is the same mani from yesterday. I don't think its that noticeable so I am calling this a mani fail. Tristam's eyes has a green tint to it. Not my normal favorite color. And of course once again it is raining in Santa Cruz when I am trying to show off some holo goodness. The polish applied flawlessly as usual. I also was asked last night to go to CVS for a Rx so I came home with a mini haul for swap packages. If you are interested in any of the polishes I picked up just send me a quick message. I doubt it since they are just Milani and WNW polishes. I can pick up some more :)  Okay on with the show..

Look at my new pretties :) They sparkle so much. I can't wait to do a gradiend with those purples and the pink. I think it will turn out great. Up for tonight will be Lady of the Lake..

Monday, April 23, 2012

Princess Tears

Hi everyone!
I have another post to start off A-England week. Tonight is the lovely lilac holographic colored Princess tears. From the A-England site: As the twin lilac trails of tears stream with an incandescent glow down our doomed heroine's face, they are made even more poignant by luminous grey/ green flashes.
I had one stray brush on this lovely gal but it is easily cut off. Two coats reaches full opacity and it applies like a dream. I love A-England polishes right up there with Nubar. I can't wait to get some pictures in the sun tomorrow. But for tonight you just get a few indoor shots. I also did a nail stamping with a color club foil. I purchased the stamps in a kit from Amazon. It turned out just okay but I need to keep on so I get really good at it. You can purchase A-England here or through Llarowe's site here. I happened to purchase mine through Llarowe. Her shipping is so fast!! I just hopped over to A-England site and this is the polish of the month :)  Are you ready for some pictures ladies?

See you tomorrow when I will hopefully have a gradient to show you!


Hi Readers,
Welcome new subscribers!!!! Today I have a great new indie polish from Dandy Nails nails called Funhouse. It is certainly a party bottle full of fun turquoise and purple shards for layering over your favorite polish. I already had on the nails a WONDERFUL creme from Models Own called Moulin Rouge that I shared about earlier. I received it from Sheila at the Pointless Cafe and I promised to wear it without any glitter for a day. And I made it.. It was a very hard challenge. After work I ran home and picked up Funhouse and put her on to add some sparkle to my nails. It was my husbands birthday so I needed to add the party theme to the fingers too. So on with the show. I again have quite a few pictures to share. I hope you like them and stop by Dandy Nails etsy store. Sandy ships out her creations very quickly. She is currently out of stock on Funhouse but has quite a few other wonderful polishes you can try out.  I would recommend Wingless. Check out the Pointless Cafe link above if you want to see some wonderful swatches of Dandy Nails other polishes.

I will hopefully starting A-England week too. I have had this polish on since Friday and the tip wear is pretty good. Dandy Nails etsy store can be reached here. Hope you all have a great Monday.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Old City

Hi Readers,

Are you ready for a glitter bomb to get you over the Wednesday blues. Well get ready to get those drool buckets ready because I have quite the polish for you today.  I received my Candeo Colors a couple of weeks ago and was able to test them out this week. I also received OPI Not Like the Movies which you saw a picture of on Monday's nail mail. Well Old City goes wonderfully over NLTM. NLTM is from the Katy Perry collection and is pretty much a silver base color with silver microglitters running through it. Although in the light this polish seems to be a shade shifter. It turns a little green, it turns a little pink, and it is silver. I really like this polish and look forward to layering more with it. Now Old City is a mix of gold and silver hexes and bar glitters. It is so sparkely and wonderful in two coats. You can get away with one if you don't like a lot of glitter on your nails. (Just don't tell me that ..Sheila he he) You need to run.. not walk over to Candeo's etsy store and pick yourself up a bottle of this glitter bomb. She was just open today and plans on re-opening in a couple of weeks. Sign up for the email notification when her etsy store opens. Now on to the show. I have quite a few pics today for you so sit down and enjoy the view.

I covered up with one coat Gelous and one coat Seche Vite. I think it needs one more coat of Seche Vite and then the coverge will be smooth as glass.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Nail Mail 4/16/2012

Good Evening readers!
Last week I set up some swaps and they all came in. Epic nail mail day for me. First up is nail mail from Jacki Gentry at Adventures in Acetone. I received some OPI The One that got Away, Not Like the Movies, Color Club Club Metal, and Julep Alfre.

Next up is a package from Sheila at Pointless Cafe. I received a limited edition Models own Moulin Rouge. It is a gorgeous color. She also swapped me for the Black Dots and White Dots from Nubar. I LOVE Nubar.
Last up is my package from Ashley at Ashley is Polish Addicted  I received two OPI's Road House Blues (yumm) and Vampsterdam, NYC Starry Silver glitter and Color Club Cherry Sparkle.

Thank you to all my fellow bloggers for swapping with me. It made for an epic nail mail week. Plus I also received my Sandy Dandy shipping notice.
I wish I had my nailwheels so I could start swatching but they are currently in route to me. I should have some new mani's up this week so stay tuned :)