Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So I changed my nail polish three times last night until I was finally happy. I love my nerd lacquer.
I chose I aim to misbehave since I am coming up on the busiest time for me at work. All I want to do is misbehave and hang out at my nail polish networking friends. This mani turned out great but I wanted to do a little something different so I grabbed my new Ludurana Vento Flakie... Let the awesome sparkle shine. I was going to take pictures in the sun after I left work today but the clouds came in. Sorry everyone we will just have to settle for the indoor pictures. Enjoy!!


Look at this hunger games giveaway...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mari Moon

I just wanted to do a quick post of the last manicure I did. It didn't turn out the best but I loved the base coat. This is Hits Mari Moon Daring multi chrome polish. The color shift is from teal blue to purple. The purple doesn't seem to want to come out and show itself in my photos. But it shows up all the time in real life. I decided to try out three new Debborah Lipmann polishes I received last week. I didn't want to cover up the lovely polish so I decided to just put them on the tips. I layered silver on the thumbs, blue on the pointer and ring finger and purple on the middle and pinkie. Let me get the names of those D.L.'s... Silver is named Today Was a Fairy Tale, Blue is Across the Universe, and Purple is Bad Romance. I'll find some other polishes that show off these babies at a future date. This base coat didn't do them justice. It was fun to try this manicure though. You can purchase Mari Moon at Llarowe's shop here.



I finally received my Zoya polishes today. The first one is a beautiful pink color named Erika and a white color called Ginessa. I have been patiently waiting about three weeks to get these lovely gals. I also happened into walgreens and picked up a couple of nail art packages to try out. It came with decals and three colors of polish each. Here are pictures of the lovely polishes I just received.

Now to apply the polishes... and what to use as a top coat. I have a couple of ideas. So see you back here soon for the final product!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

NMail 1/26/12

I was suppose to start blogging about the gelish purchase I received last week. Instead I am switching it up to my Llarowe and Deborah Lippman haul. I am still waiting for my Zoya polishes so that will be next weeks post. They are suppose to get here on Monday. I guess I will start off alphabetically. I am an accountant so things will usually be in some sort of order in order for my brain to process it. I ordered 2 A-Englands. I previously had received Lady of the Lake and it applies so beautifully I had to order more of these polishes. I received Tristam, which is the sister polish to LotL and is a beautiful blue polish with silver running throughout. Out of the A England new collection I received Bridal Veil. This is a black based polish with silver running throughout. From the looks of the bottle it seems a little holographic too. I can't wait to get this on my fingers. Next blog I will showcase the three Deborah Lippmans I scored.

I hope you ordered some A Englands too. They are beautiful polishes!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whimsical Give away...


Check it out! But don't enter cause I want to win. Insert evil laugh here.

I should be receiving my three deborah lippman polishes tomorrow so look out for for some swatching this weekend. I also ordered some nail wheels so I don't have to keep continously doing manicures.
Thanks for following my small corner of the world.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nail Mail 1/19/2012

This will be a two part post. First up nail mail that came from USPS today. I finally received my Nerd Lacquer collections plus Amanda threw in one additional polish since shipping was delayed just a little bit. This polish was called So Sorry So slow. No worries Amanda. My Zoya polishes still haven't shipped and I ordered them before I placed this order. SO ... on to the colors I received. There are six in total well actually seven including that bonus polish. First one is called Gorramit and is a yellow gold color with red and silver glitters spread throughout. Second in the collection is I AIM TO MISBEHAVE and this one is a gorgeous wine base with silver microglitter, medium bronze hexagonal glitter, silver and garnet red glitter and bronze glitter. The third in this collection is called SHINY and is a light blue color with silver and white glitter, blue glitter, multiple sizes of silver hex glitter, plus medium square white and silver glitter. The second collection contains IT’S JUST A FLESH WOUND is a black base with small and medium black, red, and copper hexagonal glitter, plus black and charcoal microglitter and big silver hex glitter. Next is CRUNCHY FROG is a milk chocolate shimmer base with emerald glitter, small and medium grass green hexagonal glitter, olive microglitter, and some large chunks of silvery white. The final polish in the collection is called PININ’ FOR THE FJORDS is a sparkling Norwegian blue with lavender and silver glitter, small and medium sky blue hexagonal glitter, charcoal micro glitter, and large silver hex glitter. Descriptions come from Amanda's etsy shop. I just couldn't have said the descriptions better myself.

Tomorrow I will post on the 6 polishes I received from Gelish. I am excited to receive these lovelies and hoping they will last more than a week. Right now I can barely wait three days until I want to change the manicure. Here are pictures of the bottles.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Coming Up

Stay tuned for this coming up weekend. I received my shipping notice from Nerd Lacquer for 6 polishes and my mom bought me the gelish starter kit so I had to go to amazon and order 6 of those. Next weekend will be very busy. I have a nasty cut on my finger so I am putting neosporin on it so it will hopefully heal up by the weekend. Nail polish remover really stings right now!  I posted pics of the new Cult polishes on my facebook page so maybe I will transfer them here to the blog later this week. I didn't think the pictures came out that well but I need to keep myself busy after finishing the Hunger Games books last week. Yes it took me around 5 days to read all three books and I loved em.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gotta Love Brains

Well ladies I couldn't wait until the weekend. I decided to finally apply Gotta Love Brains. I love this polish!! I layered it over my last Zoya purchase called Megan. This color reminds me of the Whimsical from Revlon. I just went into our local CVS Pharmacy to see their Revlon polish collection. It was pretty sad at about ten polishes and the only interesting polish they had was a blue glitter. I already have a blue glitter by OPI for Sephora and it is awesome!! They did have Seche Vite but no Gelous. Our Sally's  was out of both over the Christmas shopping season boo! I may have to venture over to Kmart to scope out their Revlon polish collection. I just ordered two more Zoya's on their current sale of buy two and just pay shipping. A pretty pink color and a shimmery white. My small Sephora box that was holding my polish collection had to be destroyed and a new bigger Amazon box is in process of being filled up. I tell you polish just multiplies like rabbits. I hope you enjoy my current polish solection. I will definitely be repeating it. Have a great Friday all!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Julep American Beauty Box

I received by January Julep box today. Once I opened the beauty I noticed the wonderful purple polish it included. This is called Anne. How appropriate since this is my middle name ha. ha. I thought immediately which Lynderella shall I layer over this. I chose the purple sparkely one Love Potion No 99. I am still growing out my nails. . hopefully with the nail therapy that was included in my latest Julep box maybe I can get there soon. I am thinking of layering the other polish I received (a dark grey color) with Gotta love Brains.. Maybe this weekend after I help my mom take down the Christmas tree. What do you think of the two purples layered together?  It's a keeper.