Thursday, March 29, 2012


So tonight I have a new brand to show you. Well the brand is new to me anyways :)  I received some Nostaligic Laquers a while ago and had yet to get them on my nails. I was in the mood for a little purple the other night so Blane was the polish for me. Blane comes from the movie Pretty in Pink. Blane has two sister polishes Duckie and Andie. Duckie is a green color and Andie is pink.  I believe these polishes to be too opaque on their own. This is just my own personal taste. So to the stash I went and grabbed my favorite purple Nubar Treasure. I have used this color three or four times already I just love it so much. This polish only needs two coats to completely cover the nail. Are you ready to see some purple... Get ready..

To purchase Nostalgic lacquer you can purchase it from the wesite here
Nubar can be purchased at Harlowe and Co here

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