Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tristam's Eyes

Good morning readers,
I had meant to get this post up last night but I ran out of time. So not alot of yapping in this post. I am continuing A-England week with Tristam's Eyes. Now if you look reaaallly close you will notice that I only covered half of the nail with Tristam's Eyes. The other half is the same mani from yesterday. I don't think its that noticeable so I am calling this a mani fail. Tristam's eyes has a green tint to it. Not my normal favorite color. And of course once again it is raining in Santa Cruz when I am trying to show off some holo goodness. The polish applied flawlessly as usual. I also was asked last night to go to CVS for a Rx so I came home with a mini haul for swap packages. If you are interested in any of the polishes I picked up just send me a quick message. I doubt it since they are just Milani and WNW polishes. I can pick up some more :)  Okay on with the show..

Look at my new pretties :) They sparkle so much. I can't wait to do a gradiend with those purples and the pink. I think it will turn out great. Up for tonight will be Lady of the Lake..