Monday, April 30, 2012

Come out and Play

Happy Monday readers!
Today I have a wonderful polish from Dandy Nails called Come out and Play. You serious want to wear this polish wherever you go out and play. I've had her on for a couple of days and I still don't want to take her off but nail mail has come and I need to try some new ones out. This polish is a violet jelly and applied great! This lady really does need a top coat to smooth it out (in my opinion ). I've been using a Posche quick dry top coat and I really like it. I used two coats of Come out and Play. Lots of white dots adorn your nails with this polish. You don't need to go fishing around for even coverage. I only have a few pictures today cause some of them turned out blurry once I loaded them on the computer. Here goes the show:

To purchase this and other of Sandy's wonderful creations you can stalk her etsy store Dandy NailsTomorrow I have another lovely purple combination so check back in.
Thanks for stopping by :)