Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lady of the Lake

Welcome to day 3 of A-England week. Today I have the beautiful Lady of the Lake with an accent nail of Nailventurous Laquer Pulverized. The purples didn't quite show up like I had hoped but it is still a very pretty manicure. Lady of the Lake can be applied as a one coater but I needed two to get it all the way to the corners of my nails. Pulverized is beautiful with blue, purple, and white glitter spattered (pulverized) throughout the base. This is a great layering glitter polish. If you have the chance to get it I highly recomment it. I then put a layer of Butter London Knackered over the remaining nails. I can hear some of you saying now "How can you cover up Lady of the Lake like that?" Well because I haven't seen it done. I think it ads a little extra to the polish. Especially since there isn't any sun today. So are you ready to see it yet???


  1. I have and love Lady of the Lake!! But Pulverized is gorgeous!!!

  2. I can't wait for my A-Englands to arrive! This one looks so pretty on you!