Monday, April 23, 2012


Hi Readers,
Welcome new subscribers!!!! Today I have a great new indie polish from Dandy Nails nails called Funhouse. It is certainly a party bottle full of fun turquoise and purple shards for layering over your favorite polish. I already had on the nails a WONDERFUL creme from Models Own called Moulin Rouge that I shared about earlier. I received it from Sheila at the Pointless Cafe and I promised to wear it without any glitter for a day. And I made it.. It was a very hard challenge. After work I ran home and picked up Funhouse and put her on to add some sparkle to my nails. It was my husbands birthday so I needed to add the party theme to the fingers too. So on with the show. I again have quite a few pictures to share. I hope you like them and stop by Dandy Nails etsy store. Sandy ships out her creations very quickly. She is currently out of stock on Funhouse but has quite a few other wonderful polishes you can try out.  I would recommend Wingless. Check out the Pointless Cafe link above if you want to see some wonderful swatches of Dandy Nails other polishes.

I will hopefully starting A-England week too. I have had this polish on since Friday and the tip wear is pretty good. Dandy Nails etsy store can be reached here. Hope you all have a great Monday.


  1. Very pretty! I love that glitter, indie brand polishes are so pretty, but so hard to get ahold of :(