Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outed by a Probot

Good morning followers!

I have a new to me Nerd Lacquer today. I originally put this on over Essie Beach Bum and took pictures and then managed to delete them. Doh! So I redid the mani with just Outed by a Probot. The formula is a little on the light side but not too sheer after three coats. The Beach Bum really helped bring out the blue in this polish. I highly recommend the combination.There was hardly any clean up needed but my camera picks up everything so you will see a little more clean up is needed on my part. and my pinkie needs a bit more coverage. Darn camera never lies...Lets just get those pictures up so you can see this lovely polish.
It is not one of my most favorites but I still like it. I also tested OBP over Ascalon and it was very pretty but it did mask the blue color in the polish.

Nerd Lacquers can be purchased on Etsy. Amanda just restocked and I ordered more. The link to her shop HERE. Send her some love won't you. Here is Amanda's description of Outed by a Probot:

"Outed by a Probot" is a shimmering opalescent silver-blue with silver, iridescent, and sky blue glitter plus medium blue hexagonal glitter, plus large silver hexagonal glitter. Semi sheer, but quite opaque in two coats. Excellent top coat over your favorite silver, blue, or grey lacquer.

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