Monday, September 3, 2012

Yellow Day Three - 30 Day Challenge

Well readers,
I was on the fence about this polish originally. However, I decided to order it to see how I would like it on my nubbins. In the end I really like this polish. I decided to not layer it over anything, just to be different for once :)  I hope you guys enjoy Humble Bee by Nailventurous. She no longer sells her polish directly. But Ninja Polish sells some of her polishes. You can stalk there store for Humble Bee and many other fine polish creations here. From the Ninja Polish site:

Humble Bee has yellow glitter and ultrafine and medium size black glitter in a clear base. It has semi-complete coverage in two coats. With topcoat or gelous, Humble Bee can have a shiny finish. However, this polish dries with a matte finish, and the glitter itself does not really sparkle. This polish also looks great as a layering polish. This polish tends to be a tad thick, but application should be easy.

I used two coats of Humble Bee with no topcoat for these pictures. Enjoy:)

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  1. It those actually look like a bee :) Really nice one!