Sunday, September 2, 2012

Orange Day Two- 30 Day Challenge

Here we are on day two for our 30 day challenge. I actually attempted some nail art today. I am not the best, at it but I do keep trying. In hind sight I should have used tape. I used a mini Crayola orange for my base coat, Julep Alicia, and Dandy Nails Inside the Fire for the tips. I didn't think I was going to love ITF as much as I do. I originally just put this polish on my toes just to be different. I think Catniss could have warn this on her nails to represent the girl on fire :)  Stay tuned tomorrow for yellow polish :)
The pictures as I said didn't turn out so well. So I am going to post a couple of pics from the old archive I think are much better. I just couldn't resist re-showing Dior Merveille. I love this polish. I think I can get away with that as an orange-ish color. If not enjoy it anyways. C U back here tomorrow. Make sure you check out the other blogs at the end of the post. We have some amazing nail artist in this group!

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