Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alter Ego - Winter Sunset Watcher

** Press Sample**
I have the third nail polish in the Winter Wonders Collection for you today. The wonderful Cynthia's inspiration for this polish comes from "Winter nights in the midwest can be brutally cold, this gal gets chilled so easily she can't be dressed warm enough to go admire the sunrise. The days can warm up enough for her to bundle up so she can be a Winter Sunset Watcher! The stunning shimmer of golden peach with just a hing of violet cannot be missed."  I used two coats and Alter Ego's top coat for a nice shiny finish. Her polish can be purchased here for only $8.50. Run fast to pick up this beauty. I just love this color with the violet in it.

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  1. Your review and photos are spectacular! Thank you so very much for your hard work, I am deeply grateful!