Monday, January 19, 2015

Alter Ego -Frost Fairy

**Press Sample**
I have another Alter Ego Nail Enamel for you today from the Winter Wonderland Collection. This one is actually my favorite as I just love blue polish! I applied two coats for the first two pics and then added a third coat to get the opacity just a tad darker. I then applied Alter Ego's top coat to give it that perfect shine and to bring out the lovely sparkle in this beauty. It applies like a dream and dries semi-matte without top coat. I just prefer a shiny nail :) . Cynthia's inspiration for this polish is described "When the nights are so cold even the imps and pixsies stay inside the Frost Fairy comes out to play! She dances on windows, slides down iron hand rails and tosses her magical dust on fir trees :) No one can miss her delicate shimmery blue! Frost Fairy is available now in her Big Cartel store for only $8.50. Pick it up here.

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  1. Your review is wonderful! Your photos are fabulous, I am very appreciative of your hard work!