Friday, June 1, 2012

New Blog Title :)

Hi Everyone!  In case you didn't noticed. I have changed the title of my blog from Ambiance Shop to Nubbins-4-Nails. I am no longer actively using my old website and it just doesn't make sense for my nail polish blog to have that name. I will be creating a new domain in the future but for now you can still follow me here. Stay tuned tomorrow for British day. A few friends from a nail group I belong to are dedicating our nailz to the queen tomorrow in honor of the 60th Jubilee. All of our nailz will be linked together for your browsing pleaser. Assuming I can load pictures. I am unable to right now.
Wish me luck girls! And thank you for following. I will be adding my 100 follower giveaway but I still need to buy one set of polishes before I announce the prizes AND I will be having a blog sale. Good thing I just had a vacation!!

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