Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ozotic swatches

Today I just have a mini post for you. I received three new Ozotic's and I am awaiting a few more. So today I used Nevermore from Cult Nails as a base coat for all swatches. It is an awesome black layering polish. Nice and shiny and I got away with one coat and received full opacity. First up is Ozotic 504. This is a purple multichrome.. I would actually label it a blurple multichrome. It is gorgeous and is no longer going to be available. Next I have Ozotic 530 and it is a multi chrome glitter that flashes yellow, orange, and fuchsia. This looks more like a flakie to me than glitter and is actually my least favorite. But I am more partial to the blues and purples. Ozotic 533 Mish Mash is up next on the wheel. The colors prominant in this polish are blue, violet, and pink. This really flashes in the sun. The last one is 534. The prominant colors in this Mish Mash are pink, orange, blue, and violet. These polishes are no longer in production. As of right now you can purchase them from Picture Polish for $11.00 and Llarowe has some on back order. I have seen them on ebay for around $22.00.

These are super shiny and have rainbows in the sun. The sun just doesn't want to cooperate today.
I hope you enjoyed the mini Ozotic nail spam!


  1. Yes I enjoyed! Thank you :-D
    I don't have 504 and 530. I am now trying to figure what will happen when I actually can't have them anymore :-S