Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nail Mail 1/19/2012

This will be a two part post. First up nail mail that came from USPS today. I finally received my Nerd Lacquer collections plus Amanda threw in one additional polish since shipping was delayed just a little bit. This polish was called So Sorry So slow. No worries Amanda. My Zoya polishes still haven't shipped and I ordered them before I placed this order. SO ... on to the colors I received. There are six in total well actually seven including that bonus polish. First one is called Gorramit and is a yellow gold color with red and silver glitters spread throughout. Second in the collection is I AIM TO MISBEHAVE and this one is a gorgeous wine base with silver microglitter, medium bronze hexagonal glitter, silver and garnet red glitter and bronze glitter. The third in this collection is called SHINY and is a light blue color with silver and white glitter, blue glitter, multiple sizes of silver hex glitter, plus medium square white and silver glitter. The second collection contains IT’S JUST A FLESH WOUND is a black base with small and medium black, red, and copper hexagonal glitter, plus black and charcoal microglitter and big silver hex glitter. Next is CRUNCHY FROG is a milk chocolate shimmer base with emerald glitter, small and medium grass green hexagonal glitter, olive microglitter, and some large chunks of silvery white. The final polish in the collection is called PININ’ FOR THE FJORDS is a sparkling Norwegian blue with lavender and silver glitter, small and medium sky blue hexagonal glitter, charcoal micro glitter, and large silver hex glitter. Descriptions come from Amanda's etsy shop. I just couldn't have said the descriptions better myself.

Tomorrow I will post on the 6 polishes I received from Gelish. I am excited to receive these lovelies and hoping they will last more than a week. Right now I can barely wait three days until I want to change the manicure. Here are pictures of the bottles.

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  1. NICE, Marnie! I want I Aim to Misbehave! I mean really they all have great qualities! Can't wait to see tomorrows!