Monday, January 30, 2012

Mari Moon

I just wanted to do a quick post of the last manicure I did. It didn't turn out the best but I loved the base coat. This is Hits Mari Moon Daring multi chrome polish. The color shift is from teal blue to purple. The purple doesn't seem to want to come out and show itself in my photos. But it shows up all the time in real life. I decided to try out three new Debborah Lipmann polishes I received last week. I didn't want to cover up the lovely polish so I decided to just put them on the tips. I layered silver on the thumbs, blue on the pointer and ring finger and purple on the middle and pinkie. Let me get the names of those D.L.'s... Silver is named Today Was a Fairy Tale, Blue is Across the Universe, and Purple is Bad Romance. I'll find some other polishes that show off these babies at a future date. This base coat didn't do them justice. It was fun to try this manicure though. You can purchase Mari Moon at Llarowe's shop here.

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