Friday, November 9, 2012

Here Lies Robert

Alright readers are you ready for a color I hardly EVER wear.. That color is green. Green isn't all bad it's just not my favorite color. Especially poopy greens. Even though I know a few people who love that color, I myself am just not a fan.  So I sucked it up and put on leap flog from Sinful Colors I got on sale and layered my new Sonoma Here Lies Robert from the Halloween Collection. I used two coats of Sinful Colors and the green is really nice. It's dark enough for ME to even like it.  Here is the description of Here Lies Robert from Sonoma's Etsy store:  Here Lies Robert is part of my Halloween collection. Here Lies Robert is inspired by Sonoma County native Robert Ripley. Ripley was born in Santa Rosa and grew to fame with his very popular Believe It Or Not comic which was published in many newspapers. His fascination with the odd and strange ties in well with the spookiness of Halloween. Ripley is buried in the Oddfellows Lawn Cemetery in his hometown of Santa Rosa. Here Lies Robert is a glitter polish with black, moss, grey, and gold colored glitters. This polish is packed with color and works best as a top coat over other polishes. I suggest using a murky green color like China Glaze Westside Warrior, or over black for a dramatic twist.

This polish is loaded with enough glitter so that you can get the effect in the swatch photos with just ONE COAT. As with all glitter polishes, you will need a few layers of top coat to get a smooth finish. 

I will definitely wear this combo again.  Maybe for St. Patricks Day or even during the Christmas season. Now on with the pics. My favorite part of blogging. Sorry about my terrible clean up. I am just not a patient person when it comes to the clean up but I am working on it :)  I think I do a decent job ... then I look at the pictures from the iphone and they show my lack of skill in this area :(


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