Monday, February 16, 2015

6 Harts - Cluster

Today I reached into the nail polish stash to bring out one of my favorite makers - 6 Harts.
I also haven't worn a Butter London in quite a while so I pulled out a lovely light blue named Lady Muck and 6 Harts Cluster was the perfect glitter top coat! From 6 Harts etsy store:  Cluster... is a clear glitter topcoat polish-there is no pigmentation in this polish, so you can wear it alone or over any color you'd like. The glitter content of Cluster sits nicely between "glitter bomb" and "sparse glitter". This polish has a 3-Free nail polish suspension base, with matte white and teal glitters, white holo hex glitters, a smattering of purple and a boat-load of ultra-fine holographic glitter. This is tremendously sparkly and these pictures really don't show the full glam. It looks fantastic mattified, too! I used two coats of the BL and two coats of Cluster and topped it off with Gelous and Out the Door. Both polishes applied flawlessly. You can purchase 6 Harts polish here.  Cluster is available now for $8.00.

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